Sunday, April 10, 2011

HOMEWORKS: Kids will hop on this necktie puppet project

The necktie bunny puppet created by author Kathy Ross and one of the projects featured in "The Best Holiday Crafts Ever" (Millbrook) is the perfect spring project for kids. 

For one, it’s a puppet. When combined with a little imagination and a stage, it will amuse children for hours. Second, it’s a rabbit so kids can use it during Easter break. Third, it is fashioned out of old ties, so it involves recycling. 

Besides all of that, it is easy to make. 

What you’ll need: two old neckties (per puppet), two safety pins, cotton ball, black, white and pink construction paper, yarn, scissors and white glue (or glue gun if mom is helping).

1. To make the body of the bunny puppet, cut across the wide end of the tie, about 14 inches above the point.

2. To make the bunny’s ears, cut across the narrow end of the tie, about 4-1/2 inches above the point. Cut the same length off the narrow end of the other tie. 

3. To make the face, cut a heart-shaped nose out of the pink paper. For whiskers, cut two short pieces of yarn and glue them to the point of the wide part of the tie, and glue the nose over the middle of the two whiskers. Use the black and white paper to create two eyes, and glue them to the tie just above the nose. 

4. About 2 inches above each eye, cut a small slit. They should be just long enough so that the straight ends of the ears, bunched up slightly, will fit into them. Affix the ears to the body with safety pins, hiding the pins in the folds of the ears. 

5. Glue the cotton ball tail to the body of the bunny and set it all aside to dry. 

Once it’s dry, slip your hand between the fabric and lining of the necktie, all the way to the point. Fold the head down and watch the bunny’s ears pop up. Now work the puppet to make many different expressions. 

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