Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beauty queen treatments that won't break the bank

If you had one beauty wish what would it be?

How about hair that remembers what the stylist did. Like one of those memory foam mattresses, it springs back after you take a shower. No bags under the eyes and how about no wrinkles anywhere? Any one of these would be nice, but when it comes to looking our best most of us (who do not have a makeup artist on the payroll) are on our own.

Even then it is easy to spend a fortune on manicures, pedicures, hair style appointments and bubble bath.

What's a person to do?
Below are a few ideas on beauty treatments that can be done at home.
  • Consider DIY manicures. Instead of shelling out money every month for a manicure put some of it toward supplies you can use to do your own nails. This would include a bowl (for soaking), moisturizing lotion or cream, a scrub or foot file, cuticle remover, nail polish remover, cotton swabs and some cool-looking nail polish. Once you have a manicure set clean your nails, then file or cut them into shape. Now let those fingers soak in a bowl of warm water for about 3 minutes; toe nails are going to need more time. While the skin is soft, push those cuticles back and trim any excess. Then apply the moisturizer. If you're doing a pedicure this would be a good time to scrub the ball and heel of your foot to remove dead skin. Now pull out your polish and go to work: apply one base coat, two coats of color and if you really want them to shine, a final top coat. What you spend on tools up front will save you money in the end.
  • Don’t neglect your hair. A recent survey conducted by AskMen.com found that one in three men admitted to being put off by their wife or girlfriend's dandruff issues. Of the men surveyed 95 percent also said they would like their mate's help when choosing a product that will rid them of their own dandruff issues. Among those recommended were multitask products such as Suave Scalp Solutions, as they fight flakes but also leave the hair looking shiny and manageable instead of frizzy.
  • Budget your beauty needs. Visiting a spa or salon and having a professional take care of one's beauty needs is good for the psyche but bad for the budget. So, consider spreading things out. Look at calendar and put a star next to dates where only a professional look will do. Now fill in a few of the days in between with beauty treatments you can do for yourself. Fill a hot tub with oil beads or go online and find a recipe for a homemade mud mask or scrub. If you’re considering ingredients for your own exfoliating scrub: red raspberries contain loads of Vitamin C (great for a healthy glow) and honey is known to be good as a moisturizer and to guard against acne.
  • Rent a spa! Knowing how busy everyone is these days, fitness centers and community recreation centers offer day passes for non-members. Clinton Township’s Metro Family Fitness, for example, has a sauna and pool. For $15 you can use both. But instead of going alone, invite a couple of close friends to join you. Create a game plan, like meeting for coffee and riding together. Then hit the pool, the sauna and top the morning off with a healthy lunch.  
If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in a library? -- Lily Tomlin

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