Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gadgets give the Net generation the advantage

What I would have given to have had a Smart phone when I was in college. We had to rely on smart friends to help us find the answers or librarians to point us in the right direction.

"Gen-Y types harboring an affinity for all things social media enjoy something of an advantage these days, as they can use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to connect with others and supplement their classroom lessons," according to a report by Online College

What hasn't changed is the need for quick and reliable resources. It's for this reason one can appreciate postings like, "50 Useful Twitter Feeds for Econ Students."


"It is very common to hear people say, Here's the Millennial or the digital generation, and we have to figure out how they learn. Poppycock. We get to mold how they learn -- Naomi S. Baron, a linguistics professor at American University.

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