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Tips well-suited for the GQ look

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Details, GQ and Esquire are among the fashion magazines one might find among the stack of Game Pro magazines read by teenagers. No surprise. Their fashion examples offer plenty of ammunition for a young man looking to land a date for the prom. However, it's not many teens who can afford the likes of Hugo Boss, Guess and Louis Vuitton apparel. Besides, when push comes to shove, dude, it is the new "Diablo III" video game that will win out over new duds.
So what can a guy do?
"There are plenty of affordable ways to create a professional wardrobe," said Andrea Woroch, consumer and money-saving expert for Kinoli and frequent fashion expert guest on such TV shows as "Good Morning America" and NBC's "Today." "Stocking up on a few new looks might postpone your impending Play Station 3 purchase, but it doesn't have to drain your bank account.
Below are a few of the tips she and other fashion experts recommend to men of all ages who want a great wardrobe, without draining their bank account.
IZOD design in traditional twill.

Be selective
Don't spend $150 on a button-up shirt when pairing it with a sweater or jacket. It is not the most important piece of an outfit. "While shirts provide a foundation for your overall look, they're generally pretty standard," Woroch said. What's crucial in this case is the color and fit of the shirt.

Geoffrey Beene and the fashionable trio of Van Heusen, IZOD and Arrow are noted for their colors and tailored fit. Among the hot colors this spring are soft violet, glam greys, cobalt, yellow and nautical shades of ruby red and navy blue. These can all be found at stores such as Kohls and Target. The price on these are anywhere from $18 to $30. So the money you save here can go toward an item that is important, like the jacket or watch.

It's all about timing
"Surprisingly enough, some months are better for buying suits than others," Woroch said. "Purchasing suits in either January or July is your best bet, as these months are typically when retailers reduce prices on last season's styles."
Another trick is to use store gift cards purchased at sites such as GiftCardGranny, which instantly trims up to 35 percent off your purchase price.

Van Heusen
Forget dry-clean only
Learn to look at the tags on items to make sure it's not  100 percent wool or so fragile it requires dry cleaning,  because it will end up in a bag tossed in the trunk of your car/truck. Not only is dry cleaning expensive (on a regular basis), but inconvenient.

Don't be a dork
Reversing your tie or flipping it over your shoulder at lunch is no way to hide the gravy stains from the last gig you attended. Woroch recommends investing in a nifty little gadget called the Tide To Go Pen. "This handy little contraption can be kept in a pocket or desk and makes everything from barbecue sauce to coffee disappear in an instant," she said. "Your days of strategic shirt tucking and tie placement are finally over."
Arrow modern gingham.

Don't get hung up on plaid
It's great that you love Alec Baldwin's plaid tie, and while it's good to have a few interesting patterns and vibrant colors mixed into your wardrobe, do not spend your budget on them. You've heard of the little black dress worn by women. Well, every guy should also have a black ensemble, like black pants or black jacket, or both. Solid, standard colored shirts such as light blue are another staple.

Recycle your wardrobe
If you can sell your games on eBay, consider putting some of your clothes (like the leather jacket your old girlfriend bought, or the ugly tie you purchased on a whim) for sale online, or at a local consignment store. Woroch recommends checking out the clothing resale site online called ResaleShopping.com.
Now you'll have some extra cash for some new duds, or game.

Take a walk online
Unless you have some kind of odd foot characteristics, consider buying your dress shoes, even your Nike and Jordan's, online. The prices are reasonable and sites
such as Zappos.com offer free shipping and free returns
with all shoe orders. Also, most of the sites offer large
images of the products so you can match the shoes to a
suit, belt, jacket or other item.

Fashion as we knew it, is over; people wear now exactly what they feel like wearing -- Mary Quant

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