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An award earned by Macomb Habitat for Humanity

Macomb Daily file photo by David Dalton
'A Brush With Kindness' 
Program is good for people and neighborhoods

What helps get people through trying times like these are nonprofit groups committed to improving life for members of their community.

The Community Reinvestment Act Associations recognizes the work they do by each year presenting the prestigious Community Development Champion Award. This year that honor goes to Macomb Habitat for Humanity.

“Macomb Habitat for Humanity was appreciative and honored to be nominated among many worthwhile charities by the CRA Associations of Michigan and Macomb for their 2012 Community Development Champion Award,” said Michelle Clement, Macomb Habitat fund development director. “We gladly accepted their award and generous donation on behalf of our dedicated volunteers, donors and staff to support our mission to revitalize neighborhoods and families in Macomb County by providing a hand-up, not a handout, to low-income partner families in need.”

What garnered the attention of the Macomb County CRA Association was the record impact that Macomb Habitat had on not just one but four communities. Volunteers were able to complete 22 homes -- putting 19 hard-working partner families with more than 30 adults and 40 children in households that will contribute to the tax base in Roseville, Eastpointe, Clinton Township and Warren. What makes it even better is 17 of these homes were renovated properties that were foreclosed and abandoned, said White.
If you’re a homeowner you can appreciate what it means to a neighborhood when a home that was once dark and bleak -- except for the bright orange sticker plastered on the window that’s a sure sign of foreclosure -- undergoes a renovation and is suddenly filled with people.

Macomb Habitat was also recognized for its completion of 11 A Brush With Kindness projects in Roseville and Richmond. “These projects are done for existing homeowners in need, such as seniors, veterans and low-income families,” White said. ABWK projects involve external repairs like building an ADA ramp for a veteran, painting or installing new siding and windows or large landscaping improvements. Each time a project was launched, volunteers showed up to help. In some cases, White said as many as 75 people turned out to help complete these rewarding week-long projects. The work transformed the property and enhanced the community.

Congratulations to Macomb Habitat for partnering with volunteers so that more people can experience the American dream and for being named this year’s winner of the 2012 CRA Community Development Champion Award.

Habitat fundraiser
A celebrity dinner on July 17 benefits a special Macomb Habitat project that involves moving a donated home from Ardmore Street to Bon Brae Street. Tickets are $30 for the event at Ardmore Park Place Café in St. Clair Shores and include dinner and a beverage. Celebrity servers include current and former St. Clair Shores mayors Kip Walby and Robert Hison along with former mayor and current Macomb County Treasurer Ted Wahby. For reservations, call Terri Benson at 586-263-1540 ext. 120 or email tbenson@macombhabitat.

We are rich only through what we give, and poor only through what we refuse -- Ann Sophie Swetchine

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