Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gifts and gadgets for Father's Day

Picking out a tie for Father's Day is easy because no matter what you buy, chances are he'll wear it, at least once. Shopping for a gadget for dad? Not so easy.
To help us navigate through the new world of digital technology and find the perfect present for the men in our life, experts in a variety of fields offer the following information. If you look at the list there's something to be found for everyone from the sporty dad to the barbecue dad.

Music gadgets

Just as most men enjoy listening to music, most also hate the idea of shelling out cash every time they want to download a song. So give him Muve Music from Cricket, the first wireless phone plan with unlimited music downloads, ringtones and ringbacks as part of one low, monthly rate package. Muve Music is an experience designed specifically for the mobile phone. Full-track downloads mean his music is always there (unlike streaming services). Cricket has millions of songs from 55 labels in its always growing music library with new and classic music being added every week. In addition to the music, Muve Music includes nationwide calling; text, picture and video messaging; 3G mobile Web; email; and more. Make it even better by downloading a playlist of dad's favorite songs to get him started. Find out more at Muve Music  or Cricket

Go for the green
If he's loves golf, you might want to help him improve his game by perfecting his grip. Built in to the SensoGlove Digital Golf Glove are sensors that read his grip pressure. When using the glove, he'll learn the correct grip pressure so he can get a smooth, consistent swing. That means greater distance, more precision -- and better scores. What's nice about the device is that it features a lightweight digital computer that can be removed and replaced without taking off the glove, so he can use it only when he wants to. It can be used for backyard practice, on the driving range, or during actual play. To find out more about it, visit Senso Glove

Read on!
How many times have you seen him picking up his tablet? Save dad the trouble and make the gadget easier to use by giving him a mounting system. The Ring Elegant Universal Mounting System from Vogel will allow him to mount the tablet anywhere -- at home, at work or even in the car. One click and the tablet can be used to show presentations on the wall, enjoy movies anywhere (even the car); display photos on the coffee table or play instructional videos while cooking in the kitchen. Check it out at RingO

Any other knife is pointless
Even James Bond would appreciate the Victorinox Flash Swiss Army knife. Not only does this pocketknife come with LED lights but a USB memory stick (ranging from 4 GB to 16 GB) as well. So he can be Mr. Fix-It with the nail file/screwdriver, and rescue data files, too. Scope it out at Victorinox Swiss Army

Grilling gadget
If he loves the grilling but would rather be chilling, think about getting dad a wireless digital talking BBQ thermometer. The Grill Right, from Oregon Scientific, is a nifty little gadget that lets dad keep tabs on the steaks without having to hover over the coals. All he has to do is enter the cut of meat and the desired temperature or level of doneness, and when it's done, the thermometer lets him know -- in one of 5 languages. Even better, is its built in alert system to let him know the status of the food. Dude, it's almost ready, ready and overcooked. Learn more at Oregon Scientific

Still not sure what to buy dad for Father's Day? Check out this nifty list of great gift ideas:

Contest for songwriters
Is your dad a musician or songwriter? A company in New York City is kicking off a contest just in time for Father’s Day urging singers/songwriters to create a new version of the song that made a million dads cry for the Facebook generation. Are you talented enough to do the job? Enter the contest and find out. The winning songwriter will get an aggressive P.R. push from one of NYC’s premier public relations agencies. We’ll get your music heard by all the right people (labels, press, blogs, etc). It’s a great way to make connections and get your career going. And maybe even make a difference while you’re at it.

Classic rock album
Also cool for the musical dad is the announcement that on June 28, "The Doobie Brothers Live At The Greek Theatre 1982," will be released on CD ($13.98) and DVD ($14.98) through Eagle Rock Entertainment. Fans of the band will remember that this was the incredible concert that included the surprise return of band co-founder Tom Johnson for the final two numbers. 

The original BOB Sport Utility Stroller, designed by two dads, is a jogging stroller designed to offer off-road capabilities. For more about BOB

Krups has been serving up coffee machines since 1847. Today's designs can make one cup for the dad on the go or 10 cups for the dad entertaining at home. Prices range between $59 and $299. Visit Krups 

Give your most tech-obsessed dad a gift he won't find anywhere else -- the sleek Create Your Own Design Photo Apple iPhone Case, $40 at Zazzle

Over the Hill Skeleton Decanter & Glasses ($226) features a large 54 ounce decanter and hefty 10 ounce glasses shipped in a handcrafted wood crate tied up with a ribbon. Look for it at Olive & Cocoa

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Sometimes the best gift is a matter of a few words. Happy Father's Day