Thursday, January 17, 2013

Don’t give up on that New Year’s resolution, just yet

How goes your New Year’s resolutions? Are you losing weight or the willpower to continue the quest?  Making a commitment to change at the start of a new year is a great thing, a longtime tradition for people all over the world. The problem is most people give up on those resolutions way to quickly says Croix Sather. He’s the author of “Dream Big Act Big” and “Better Body Better Life” but most people know him as the guy who ran across America in 100 days last year. He not only broke a world record with his 146 mile run through Death Valley while pushing a 270 pound car but proved he’s a man who sets goals and achieves them.

I am impressed. However, what I need and I’m sure what others need right now is a pep talk or a few inside tips. 

So, without further ado here are a few of Sather’s suggestions for achieving our goals in 2013:

·      Stop thinking small – The only thing that will get you is small results. Instead, Sather recommends following up on those big dreams and audacious goals. Expect more and you’ll get more. “Live your life with a big purpose and meaning and you’ll achieve big bold results,” says Sather.

·       Don’t blame anyone but yourself – The only way to move forward is to take responsibility for your actions. “You can’t blame the past or current administration, your upbringing, education, or anyone or anything else,” Sather said. Just get on with your goals and the life you want to lead.

·       Hang with achievers – If you want to make more money be around people that make more money. If you want to lose weight hang out at the gym or a fitness center or join a club for fit people. A lot of people think it’s depressing to be around someone who has done what you want to do but it’s often the opposite – what they’ve done becomes inspiring. “Whatever you want to accomplish – get away from toxic people and get around those who have already accomplished it,” Sather said.

       Do not procrastinate – If you do not take action (when you think of it not a day later) you miss opportunities. “We miss going on adventures, meeting amazing people, falling in love, finding new friends and making new business connections,” Sather said. These are things that tend to happen spontaneously. “If you don’t take action today, when will you? If it doesn’t happen today it never happens.”

     Be brave – If you want to get noticed you need to stand tall and run boldly through life. You’ll never get your resume to the top of the pile or make it to the finals by always playing it safe – as in being just like everyone else or following the crowd. Be a salmon. Swim against the flow once in a while. “If you want the big reward you have to be bold and standout,” Strather says.

     Do not stop trying – In the words of Winston Churchill, Britain’s Prime Minister who was known for his stubborn determination to be triumphant with all tasks before him (including World War II) ,  “Never give in, never, never, never.”
“Success goes to those who are the most tenacious and persistent. This is more important than intelligence, education and experience,” Sather says. “When do you stop? When you achieve your outcome.”

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