Thursday, January 31, 2013

Share your best advice for couples starting a new life together

What are the four most popular words spoken on Valentine’s Day?

Nope, I love you, is only three words. 

It’s, “Will you marry me?”

According to the United States Census, approximately 10 percent of proposals will occur on Valentine’s Day. Then comes the big move -- and as thrilling as the process of starting a new life together might seem – it can also be a trying time. 

Let’s say, for example, she does not like your moose head trophy. Maybe she’s a vegetarian or finds the whole idea of showcasing a deceased animal to be tasteless and cruel. She’s not moving in without baggage either. Do you tell her you're extremely allergic to the cat she's had since she was a child? How about the antique table she inherited from her mother -- which you hate? 

What do you do? 

Whether you’re newlyweds or celebrating your 50th anniversary you’ve got to have at least one tip or story that you can share to help spouses-to-be make the move easier?
Send your anecdote and best tips to: gina.joseph@macombdaily.com so we can share them in a future Sunday column.

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