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How to look your best throughout a busy work day

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Riding the work train can be fun but literally hair-raising. All it takes is a gust of wind or a downpour while en route to an assignment and within seconds a great hairdo that took hours to sculpt can explode into chaos. But hey -- your hair is the least of your worries if you had hummus for lunch and your daughter stole your breath mints. Ask any time management expert about living a go-go-lifestyle and they’ll tell you the key to success is being prepared and learning how to go with the flow.

That colleague of yours that makes you chuckle? The one who offered up a lint roller when you discovered your Husky had followed you to work (well, most of his coat anyway). And the can of hairspray the day your curly locks called in sick? Take notes because she’s a survivor who has likely learned over the years that quick adjustments can save a look. Below are a few tips recommended by veterans of the go-go-lifestyle club.

Afternoon mirror check
  • If you go out to lunch be sure to take a moment to freshen up before returning to the office as you never know when you’ll need to look your best.
  • Fix the smudges. Often times during the course of the morning, makeup can rub off or smear. Do a check in the mirror to reapply mascara or foundation, which you should have in your purse/and or desk. Fashion experts suggest using a pre- and post-makeup primer to keep makeup from smearing.
  • Fresh breath is crucial. Before you re-apply any lipstick freshen up your breath. Not everyone has a purse big enough to carry around a toothbrush and toothpaste. That’s why there are on-the-go products like Colgate Wisp, a travel toothbrush designed to clean your teeth quickly and without rinsing. Plus, it is small enough to pack in a purse or store in a desk. How about decorating your cubicle with a small potted herb. Chewing on coriander, spearmint, tarragon, eucalyptus, rosemary and cardamom are all good for fighting bad breath.
  • Be fragrant. Body sprays and colognes can fade over the course of the morning so consider a re-touch in the afternoon. However, remember to be mindful of your cube mates who might not appreciate your choice of perfume or cologne. When it comes to work opt for a light scent and do not over-do-it.
  • Get your own hair spray. Find a product that works for your thick, fine or fuzzy hair. It could be a wax or spray. You need something that you can use in the afternoon to help re-set your hairstyle.
  • Water yourself. The benefits of drinking those 64-recommended ounces a day will show in your mood and in your skin. You’ll also notice that a full tank of H2O gives you more energy. However, instead of spending a great deal of time hanging out at the water cooler consider investing in a good water bottle. There are numerous styles and designs created specifically for a work environment.
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Before the big meeting 
Just as you did during your lunch break find a mirror and take a moment to prep your look.       
  • Straighten the tie or change the shirt. It is not crazy to have an extra dress shirt or tie on hand in the event of a coffee collision. Besides just knowing you have a backup for emergencies will make the day less stressful.
  • Stash away all! Consider the products that you use during the day and keep a supply on hand at your desk such as a comb, deodorant with antiperspirant, cologne or perfume, contact lens solution or eye drops, lint roller, pocket mirror, lip gloss, hairspray, mints and a mini-toothbrush. Need to buy a colleague something nice for Christmas? Give him or her, a gift pack designed for people who ride the work train. 
There's no better makeup than self-confidence -- Shakira

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