Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunting for a ladies' night out event?

Tricho Salon and Spa at Partridge Creek.
Two things happen during hunting season -- a whole lot of guys packing bullets, firearms and chili bowls head to the UP while a whole lot of women look for things to do. It's my guess that the UP phenomenon and others like it (including the NFL, MLBA and NHL) led to the popularity of ladies' night out events.

Among the gatherings this season is an open house and fashion show hosted by Tricho Salon and Spa from 6 to 9 p.m. Oct. 26. Besides an opportunity to check out its newest location at Partridge Creek Mall, Trico's Ladies' Night Out will include a fashion show.

Models will take to the runway wearing the latest hairstyles by Tricho staff, and clothes by Parisian and Flirty Fashions, both of which are Partridge Creek businesses. Chef Andrew, who specializes in Italian and French cuisine will be cooking up dishes on-site along with the owners of Giuseppes International Oils and Vinegars. 

"Ladies night events are so popular this time of year," said Dan Villarreal, operations/projects specialist for Tricho. Not only because it's something fun to do but it allows businesses the opportunity to generate excitement and inspiration going into the holiday season.

So, what's going to be the hot holiday hairstyle?
Villarreal expects to get a lot of requests for the Victoria Secret sleek blowout. "We have a talented group of hair designers who are educated in the latest color trends and hairstyles," he said. "They can accommodate any hair-type request. We offer hair extensions, Keratin Coppola hair straightening and event style-up dos."

Clients, including men, women and children, can see the latest in hairstyles and fashion.

Attendees also will have an opportunity to find out about other salon services such as Botox, Restellin and teeth-whitening? If you're just looking to kick back and relax, there's always a choice of a manicure, pedicure or facial. 

To make the event even more interesting, a psychic has been invited to do readings.

Tricho Salon and Spa is a Michigan-owned and Birmingham-based company that was founded in 2005. It now has four locations, including two in Ann Arbor and one in South Beach, Miami.

Tricho hair stylists, left to right, Melisa Lobaito, Anne Marie Wagner, and Ashley Sandercott. Tricho Salon and Spa is located at Partridge Creek Mall, 17420 Hall Road, Clinton Township. 

For further information, call 586-263-9111.

Looking to see a Halloween movie this weekend?

The Redford Theatre will be showing “Munster, Go Home” starring Yvonne DeCarlo and Fred Gwynne, Friday and Saturday. And for those of you dying to meet a Munster in person, actor Butch Patrick, who played the youngest member of “America’s first family of fright” will be attending the shows.

“It’s always nice to meet people in their element,” said Patrick. And by that he does not mean coffins and haunted houses but cities and towns such as those he has been visiting on his cross country tour of America. “I’m staying in an Amtrak sleeper car.”

“Munster, Go Home” features all of the cast members who made it the popular TV show that it was back in the 1960s. In this Universal production the famous family travel to England to claim a castle that they have inherited. Prior to the screening of the film and during intermission, Patrick will provide some personal anecdotes related to his work as Eddie Munster.

“If you haven’t seen it you’re in for a treat,” said Patrick.   

For those of just discovering The Munsters here’s some trivia you might find interesting:
  • Herman Munster was 7 feet tall.
  • It took Butch Patrick one hour to put on the make-up he wore as Eddie.
  • Spot was the name of Eddie’s pet T-Rex.
  • Eddie no longer has a widow’s peak. He said “he sold it to Jim Kelly of the Buffalo Bills.”
  • Some of the cool people that Patrick met as a young actor on the set of the Munsters included: Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc, Walter Brennan, John Berandino, James Garner, Barbara Eden, James Arness, Dan Blocker, Burt Lancaster, Kim Hunter, Ernest Borgnine and the entire cast of The Munsters.
  • Eddie's stuffed wolf was named Woof-Woof.

Tickets are $5. Show times are: 8 p.m. Friday; 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday. Doors will open at 7 p.m. to give audiences a chance to browse the theater located at 17360 Lahser Road (corner of Grand River and Lahser) in Detroit.  Visit Munsters.com at Visit Butch Patrick Presents Munsters.com

The heck with the natural look. After all, you can't take credit for what you're born with, only for what you do yourself. Where would Marilyn Monroe be if she'd clung to the hair color God gave her? We'd have a movie called, "Gentlemen Prefer Mousy Brown Hair -- Adair Lara

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