Monday, October 31, 2011

Old stage-coach stop makes the Top Ten List of Haunted Homes

If it were any other day I would have no problem visiting an old stage-coach stop reportedly haunted by 12 ghosts but today, nuh-uh.

But not everyone is a wuss.

Here in Michigan there are groups dying to visit homes and properties known to have unusual guests. Today's Top Ten List features several haunted homes selling for a pretty penny including a 100-year-old farm house near Olean, New York that has become a popular destination for paranormal investigators across the country. 

Since the 1850's owners of the home's 12 or more not-so-friendly ghosts have chased away its owners who, along with neighbors, friends, guests, researchers, paranormal investigators and clergy have witnessed the spirits in their entirety. Clara M. Miller is one of the home's former residents kept a diary of her experience.  "Echoes of a Haunting", is a book that was written by former resident, Clara M. Miller, who explained the feeling about the house as a build-up of pressure under an umbrella that finally releases in the form of activity from these clearly visible spirits. Miller's book chronicles the entries in her daily diary and goes into great detail about events that happened there and some she felt might have been related to the house years after moving to Oregon.

The present owner is asking $289,000. It needs some work but considering the interest in its history has the potential to be a popular B&B for the adventurous kind looking to spend Halloween in a haunted house. 

Also featured on the The Top Ten Haunted Homes is the gated estate that was used for the filming of "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," a popular TV show that ran from 1952 to 1966.

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